Jeanie Milbauer’s Oneg wants bring Shabbat to the masses

As the founder and CEO of the recently established Oneg, a business that curates contemporary Judaica and educational materials to make Shabbat more accessible to people who desire to observe it, Shabbat plays a significant role in Milbauer’s life.

Oneg sells a range of handcrafted ritual objects, but their Shabbat Box serves as a one-stop shop for all the supplies need to hold a celebration on one’s own.

A set of wooden candlesticks with candles and a glass collar set are included in each box, along with matches, a dish for storing matches, an embroidered challah cover, and a ceramic Kiddush cup. Each item is unique and comes in a range of colors.

Four Shabbat handbooks and Oneg’s distinctive conversation cards, which Milbauer considers the “centerpiece” of the collection, complete the package. Each card is intended to be connected to the parsha, or Torah chapter, for that particular week in order to promote meaningful dialogue at the table. – Source