Temple Fundraising Ideas For Synagogue

Looking for temple fundraising ideas for your small synagogue?

Here is a nice compellation of fundraisers used to raise money for churches, temples and synagogues.

Bagel day

Who can resist a good bagel?

Temple members can pre order bagels, and then negotiate a deal with a nearby bagel store for a discount. Now it is up to your youth group to resell them and profit. People can either pick up their bagels at the temple or have them delivered on the day of the event. It’s not the most creative fundraiser ever, however it is always supported. remember— Who can resist a good bagel 🙂

Sell Candles

Heritage Candles has a free program for nonprofits to raise funds selling candles. Free catalogs and training are provided for your volunteers. Your synagogue or temple youth group earns a flat 40% profit on every sale. Candles retail for $12 each and your fundraising committee gets to keep $4.80 cents.

Crowd funding

This is a great way to quickly raise funds. If everyone is willing to donate a little you can raise a lot of funds this way.

Potluck for the holy days

This is one of the most popular church fundraiser ideas. Choose an important day for a potluck dinner—it might be a weekday, such as Shabbat, or a holiday, such as Purim. Make a list of things you’ll bring to a potluck and make it available using your online fundraising event page. If someone can’t come that day then simply ask supporters to give to your fundraising. A potluck is one of the best ways to earn money. And who knows! Maybe the people who created the food will share their traditional food recipes with you. You can add these to your temple cook book!


More temple fundraisers:

  • Purim Carnival
  • Hebrew Spelling Bee
  • Hold a car wash after Religious School.
  • Raffles
  • Hold a Heritage festival. (For instance like the HardLox Jewish Food and Heritage Festival.)
  • Split the pot
  • Food fundraiser selling home made soup and challah.
  • Israeli dancing fund raiser
  • Penny wars
  • Silent auctions
  • Temple cook book
  • Peer to peer fundraising
  • Text to give


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